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This video depicts the flight path and rotation of the arrow and explains the rotation.

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2010 IKYF Seminar in Tokyo

Proposed dates of the 2010 IKYF Seminar in Tokyo

B Seminar (Up to Sandan): April 20-22
B Seminar Testing: April 23

International Tournament: April 24 and 25

A Seminar (Yondan and up): April 26-28
A Testing (Up to 6th dan): April 29

This is un-official information. Please check with your sensei for confirmation and updates.

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The more you practice, the more the”spirit of the thing itself” will reveal itself to you. You must understand your responsibility to the art and to yourself. They are one and the same.-The Book of Five Rings- (Book of Water) Miyamoto Musashi

It occurred to me just the other day, that it is roughly three weeks until the start of the 2009 ANKF Kyudo Seminar of the Americas. In 2008, it was great to have attendees from Argentina join us. They will be returning in full force. Their numbers have quadrupled from last year. The Canadians will also be returning. In addition, this year for the first time, we will have kyudoka from Mexico participating. It is an exciting time in the world of Kyudo!

While preparations are in full swing on the logistical end for making this seminar happen, we need to be mindful of each doing our individual part to make this seminar one of the best ever.

Individual part? What is my part?

It is our responsibility to practice and be ready. This sounds simple enough. Or is it? How much are you practicing? Are you going to the seminar with a goal of only passing a test, or are you going with the intent to be the best you can be?

With three weeks left, if you are only practicing during class time and only going to class on Sunday, for example, you have three chances to shoot before the seminar. If you go to class three nights a week, that ups your shooting opportunities to nine. Better yet, if you shoot every day, as you should be, then you still have twenty-one practice sessions. Now, if you want to give it that extra push and shoot twice a day you have a nice little window of opportunity to work out those trouble areas and fine tune the others.

As I have heard Sensei say, “the way is in the training”. I also recall hearing, “train as if you are testing”. So, however you put it, “the way is in the training”, “the way is in the practice”, “the way is in the doing” or any other way, the time is NOW if you aren’t already practicing as you should!

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NHK production video discussing modern Kyudo.

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This video includes information on making of bamboo yumi and ya, along with history of Kyudo. (NHK Video Production)

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This video introduces the hassetsu and tai hai. (NHK Video Production)

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Saying It Another Way (Ikiai)

A different way of viewing the breathing…. you decide. For me, the whole heaven-earth thing fit in with the yumi connecting heaven and earth and dozukuri, stretching the verticle line.

Retrieved from: http://headintheclouds.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/breath-without-breathing

It is said that when you breathe out you contact the Root of Heaven and experience a sense of openness, and when you breathe in you contact the Root of Earth and experience a sense of solidity. Breathing out is associated with the fluidity of a dragon, breathing in is associated with the strength of the tiger. As you go on breathing in this frame of mind, with these associations, alternating between movement and stillness, it is important that the focus of your mind does not shift.

Let the true breath come and go, a subtle continuum on the brink of existence. Tune the breathing until you get breath without breathing; become one with it…

– Zhang San Feng (widely accepted as creator of “Taijiquan”)

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