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Ki Breathing

The South Carolina Kyudo Renmei hosted a week long seminar last month. During this time, I remembered a book that I had purchased early in my training by Koichi Tohei called Ki in Daily Life, focused on Aikido.  A lot of the book didn’t resonate with me, not having an Aikido background. The section on breathing did though and gave me pause to think. At that point in time, my concept of breathing was simply taking in and expelling air. How is there a right and wrong breathing? Well, while there is truth in “just do it”, there is often a better way to do it.
With so few books dedicated solely to Kyudo, we often need to glean through other martial arts books to find concepts that apply to our art. With that in mind, I share with you a PDF link I ran across last night.

Ki Breathing by Koichi Tohei

While not Tohei’s book Ki in Daily Life, it’s free and has a lot of good information. Take what knowledge you can from it and move on from the rest, maybe to come back to another day. Feed your mind, feed your soul!



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