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The way is not with the bow, but with the bone, which is of the greatest importance in shooting.-Junsei Yoshimi (Shaho-Kun)

I ran across the following in an email notification from one of Rick Beal’s blogs:

The very marrow of our bone carries electricity & Chemistry throughout our bodies. Kido is the artistry of painting the flow of these energies in a natural way.

It brought to mind something a ran across several years ago and still find intriguing:

In The Bodhisattva Warriors by Terrance Duke, on page 465, he states:

“Long before Western medicine had arisen, the Ksatreya Vaidya (healers) taught that the elements of Fire and Air combined in the marrow to create, or revitalize, the blood. The marrow was therefore considered to be an important source of life energy.

If the marrow became imbalanced, the balance of the body’s elements (dhatu) would be thrown out of order and, in turn, all the bodily functions suffered. In addition to the blood, the physical vital energies also were held to “mature” within the marrow, and thus the marrow was a point of contact between the different energy systems of this, and other, worlds.

So, here, we draw on the Five Element Theory that Miyamoto Musashi writes of in his Book of Five Rings. If we think of the aforementioned energies in terms of Kyudo, we might refer to this as ki.

In the 2011 Second Quarter issue of the Journal of the South Carolina Kyudo Renmei, Blackwell sensei discusses the Five Element Theory. (http://sckrjournal.org/issue/2011-second-quarter/article/japanese-culture-in-kyudo-the-oriental-paradigm)

And… as I have been told… “the essence is in the marrow.”

Something worth thinking about.


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Always check with your health care professional!

I recall my first-born son’s pediatrician. On one specific visit, after a questioning look from me, she gave an explanation that the brat she was referring to was the diet she wanted me to put my ailing son on; bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.

As it turns out, there is a similar “diet” for those prone to sports injuries of the sprain and strain variety. While my doctor has often advised me along these lines, so often that I rarely go back, it’s only recently that I came across the acronym for his advise. It’s rice; rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Sometimes in our training, as much as we don’t want to, we have to face the facts. While the invincible spirit wants to forge forward at all costs, it is important to take care of ourselves in order to be able to shoot tomorrow. If this means taking a day off from shooting, spending some time with an ice pack on an already chilly day and breaking out the anti-inflammatory medication, then so be it.

Especially with the international Kyudo seminar just around the corner… listen to your body… take care and stay well.

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