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Kyudo: A Symphony

I’d been meaning to go to the symphony for quite some time. When I heard they were playing Rimsky Korsakov’s Sheherezade, I figured the time was right.

I had never thought of this before, but several things struck me this night. Kyudo and the orchestra have much in common.

As the conductor, Maestro, stepped on his podium his demeanor changed. He exuded a presence that emanated throughout the theater. All of those he led sat erect in their chair, ready. It reminded me of omai entering the dojo.

Maestro’s eyes were intense. He was living and breathing the music with the orchestra. Ikiai. His eyes were piercing as he looked at each section cuing them. Their eyes were focused, unblinking as they played. Mezukai. They moved as one. Taihai. When their moment came, they played their solos with mushin. The music was sharp, clean as they released each note. Hanare. It was on target as it flowed.

Don’t do kyudo, be kyudo.

Put yourself into your shooting just as the musician puts himself into his music. Shoot with spirit. Use ikiai and mezukai. To paraphrase Miyauchi Sensei, move yourself and you will move the people.

Maestro entered with dozukuri and left with zanshin. It was a moving performance. Bravo!


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